Groq x Athena Case Study: Real-time Inference for the Real World

By Anton Eremin 2 min read
Groq x Athena Case Study: Real-time Inference for the Real World

Real-time Inference for the Real World: A Use Case Series


AI business technologists in enterprises, government, and other organizations are exploring how recent AI breakthroughs can be leveraged to address significant challenges and transform their businesses. They seek to use AI not just for efficiency, but to create a lasting competitive advantage and integrate it into their core operations. Many envisioned AI solutions require real-time performance to help professionals work more efficiently and stay productive without interruption.

Groq's AI Inference Technology

Groq builds the world’s fastest AI inference technology. The LPU™ Inference Engine by Groq, a hardware and software platform, delivers exceptional compute speed, quality, and energy efficiency. This series from Groq explores different types of real-time AI solutions in detail.

Athena: AI-native Analytics Platform

Athena is an AI-native analytics platform designed to accelerate analytics workflows. It serves as an artificial employee, helping data scientists and analysts interact with their data more effectively. The platform, powered by Groq’s LPU Inference Engine, offers real-time performance, enabling users to have seamless interactions with their data.

Challenges in the Consumer Goods Industry

Large, multinational consumer goods companies face continuous challenges such as determining which products to launch in specific markets and optimizing go-to-market planning to maximize sales and profits. Analyzing performance and identifying drivers behind success or failure is crucial. Additionally, organizations deal with vast amounts of unstructured data, including slide decks, emails, spreadsheets, and market reports.

Olympus: Enhancing Data Interactivity

Olympus, powered by Groq and part of Athena Intelligence, is an AI-native analytics platform that facilitates in-depth conversations with both structured and unstructured data. It allows data analysts to ask detailed questions and receive instant responses, helping them gain deeper insights. Olympus also assists in creating executive-ready reports by automating the mundane tasks of chart and slide creation, enabling analysts to focus on uncovering new insights and strategic opportunities.

Learning and Proactive Assistance

As analysts use the Athena co-pilot more, it learns their workflows and can proactively suggest new workflows and queries. This adaptive capability enhances productivity and provides more insightful recommendations.


The Athena Intelligence AI Analytics platform exemplifies how real-time AI, powered by Groq’s LPU Inference Engine, can drive innovation and profitability for companies. It highlights the transformative potential of real-time AI solutions in tackling significant business challenges.